Developmental Biology

A macro trend in drug discovery is the use of complex models of disease early in preclinical studies. One approach is the use of whole organism models involving living invertebrates and vertebrates such as nematodes and zebrafish conducive to drug screening methods.

0 uM IT1t Day 5 BF-GFP-RFP Cellular Analysis
Figure 1. Zebrafish embryo.

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C. elegans


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Whole Organism Imaging
Measuring Apoptosis in Zebrafish
Treated with Ethanol

Quantifying Poly-Glutamine Aggregates
Quantifying Poly-Glutamine Aggregates
in C. Elegans using VivoChip

Counting Caenorhabditis Elegans in 96-Well Plates
Counting Caenorhabditis Elegans in 96-Well Plates





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