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AutoScratch Wound Making Tool

Prezzo: $7,988    (Il listino degli accessori è quello USA. I listini locali possono differire da questo. )

Per l'uso con: Cytation 5, Lionheart FX, Citazione 1, Lionheart LX

AutoScratch Wound Making Tool

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arrow AutoScratch Single Sheet

BioTek’s AutoScratch™ Wound Making Tool automatically creates reproducible scratch wounds in cell monolayers grown in microplates. The simple pushbutton operation and tool-free scratch pin manifold exchange make it easy to process either 96 or 24 well plates, which are commonly used in migration and invasion assays. The compact system features an onboard, pre-programmed cleaning routine to keep the scratch pins free of buildup and avoiding contamination. AutoScratch precisely and efficiently automates the sample prep for imaging workflows with BioTek’s Cytation™ Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Readers and Lionheart™ Automated Microscopes. For complete capture through data publication workflows, pre-defined protocols in Gen5™ software automatically calculate wound width, wound % confluence and maximum wound healing rate.

Use AutoScratch with 24-well plates (PN 02682) and 96-well plates (PN 02683).


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