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Automated Washing of Magnetic Bead xMAP Assays for Multiplexed mRNA and Metabolic Hormone Assays


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October 13, 2009


Authors: Paul Held and Peter Banks, BioTek Instruments, Winooski, VT; Xiao Qiang, Millipore, St. Louis, MO; Nina Nguyen, Bao-Huy Tran, Stephanie Han and Binh Lu, Affymetrix Corporation, Fremont, CA

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The next generation microsphere technology offered by Luminex is based on a partial coating of super-paramagnetic iron oxide which allows for microspheres to be immobilized under a magnetic field for easy sample processing, but still provide multiplexing capability and quantitative readouts using existing Luminex readers 100/200. Microsphere immobilization under a magnetic field considerably eases sample processing relative to the conventional filtration procedures yielding a highly automatable workflow and typically improved precision and a significant reduction in false results associated with filter well clogging. Here we demonstrate the use of a full plate magnetic microplate washer that greatly simplifies the wash cycles associated with both gene expression and protein quantitative multiplexed assays. Analytical performance with respect to bead recovery, reproducibility and quantitative results will be demonstrated.