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Using BioTek’s ELx405™ Microplate Washer to Automate Washing of the QuantiGene® Reagent System


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January 28, 2005


Authors: Paul Held, Applications Department, BioTek Instruments Inc.; Batoul Maqsodi, Applications Department, Genospectra Inc.


This poster shown at Miptec 2005, Basel, Switzerland


Genospectra’s QuantiGene® Reagent System is a technology capable of quantitatively measuring RNA without amplifying the target. This technology, based on branched DNA (bDNA), requires multiple hybridization steps followed by washing to remove unhybridized reagent. Here we describe the use of BioTek’s ELx405™ Microplate Washer to automate the wash steps of this unique technology.

Quantitating and characterizing gene expression through RNA measurement is a commonly performed task in today’s biomedical research. Typically RNA expression is examined through quantitative PCR, which requires extensive RNA purification and amplification. These methods are time consuming, expensive, and prone to errors. To rectify these problems, alternative methods to quantify RNA have been developed. One such method is the QuantiGene® Reagent System, which measures RNA directly from tissue homogenates, cell lysates or purified RNA without target amplification. The QuantiGene Reagent system uses a series of hybridization steps in conjunction with branched DNA (bDNA) technology to amplify the measurement signal. Each hybridization step requires a thorough manual wash step to remove the unhybridized material. In order to increase throughput and repeatability of the assay, there was a desire to automate the wash steps employed by the assay. Here we describe the important wash parameters of the assay and demonstrate the ability of the ELx405 Microplate washer to automate the wash steps employed by the QuantiGene Reagent system.


Figure 1. ELx405™ Select Microplate Washer.