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Multi-mode Metabolic Profiling of Stationary Phase Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Exposed to Short-term Oxidative or Nutrient Stress


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January 24, 2020

Authors: Wendy Goodrich, Peter Banks and Caleb Foster, BioTek Instruments, Inc., Winooski, VT


Due to the prevalent use of yeast as a model system, the choice of genomic, biochemical, and cell biology tools compatible with these cells is well-developed and wide-ranging. The ability to choose from a variety of assays that can combine optimal workflow productivity with relevant data outcomes can be limited by the need for multiple devices to perform different task and detection methods. An instrument that can overcome this challenge by combining the flexibility of a variety of detection and imaging modes, in addition to options like temperature control and shaking, is demonstrated here to acquire and analyze data from a combination of assays comparing vacuolar uptake and ATP in stationary phase Saccharomyces cerevisiae exposed to either short-term oxidative shock or to nutrient deprived stress in an alkaline microenvironment.

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Cytation 5