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Modalità di analisi
  • Sistemi per l'acquisizione di immagini
    Lettori multimode e di imaging cellulare
    Piastre per micro-volumi
    Dispensatori di micropiastre
    Stazioni di pipettaggio
    Lettori di micropiastre
    Lavatori di micropiastre
    Lettori di micropiastre multi-mode
    Lavatore/dispensatore multi-mode
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Note applicative

3D Cell Culture (24)

In-vitro cell-based assays that utilize a 3D structure of aggregated cells using hydrogels, scaffolds or spheroids to provide more physiologically relevant data.

ADME/Tox (19)

In-vitro assays using either cells or purified enzyme for Lead Optimization of small molecules in drug discovery; drug absorption, drug metabolism and drug cytotoxicity assays

Automation (19)

Demonstration of automated procedures for various assays using microplates.

Biochemical Assays (15)

Assays using purified drug target in Hit ID and Hit to Lead small molecule screening efforts.

Biomarkers (13)

Quantification of biological markers (i.e. proteins, DNA, RNA, etc.) associated with disease, toxicity and drug efficacy from biofluids (i.e. serum/plasma).

Biotherapeutics (11)

Microplate assays used for biologic drug discovery and development: clonal selection, characterization, formulation studies and immunogenicity.

Cell-based Assays (35)

Quantitative assays of cellular function using a wide range of microplate reader optical detection modes.

Cellular Imaging (21)

Imaging of cells after fixation or lysis using fluorescence microscopy.

Live Cell Imaging (29)

Kinetic imaging of live cells under environment control using brightfield, high contrast brightfield. phase contrast and fluorescence microscopies.

Nucleic Acid Quantification (17)

Quantification of dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA and µRNA using micro-volume, microplate and 1 cm pathlength devices for downstream processes such as PCR, qPCR and sequencing.

Protein Quantification (17)

Quantification of total protein using micro-volume, microplate and 1 cm pathlength devices for downstream processes such as PAGE and mass spectrometry.